Effects of Revitalization in Historical City Center of Istanbul


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Evren Ozus and Vedia Dokmeci

144 / 159




International Real Estate Review


This study investigates the effects of revitalization process in Beyoğlu, Istanbul. Since the 1980s, spatial impacts of transformation have become apparent on Istanbul and these impacts have taken their most intense forms in the historic city centres, as Beyoğlu. While Istanbul has grown through the restructuring of the urban economy, social and spatial reconstruction, and innovative transportation and communication technologies, Beyoğlu has begun to regain its characteristics. Projects and investments to reconstruct Beyoğlu have been successful in changing this process and have achieved their targets particularly in Beyoğlu?s residential areas and the region has started to develop. In order to analyse the development process, this paper focused on the three revitalized neighbourhoods in Beyoğlu, which have been popular residential areas in Istanbul. We use social, economic, and spatial indicators, such as population, property prices, and functional transformation. The revitalization process has significant effects on social, economic, and spatial structure of Beyoğlu. For further studies, it will be useful to repeat this study in other historical residential areas of Istanbul in order to make comparative studies.

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