Examining Retirement Housing Preferences Among International Retiree Migrants


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Karen M. Gibler, Paloma Taltavull, José Manuel Casado-Díaz, Mari Angeles Casado-Díaz and Vicente Rodriguez

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International Real Estate Review


Housing demand models based on individual consumer’s utility function reflect preferences about the structure and lot, neighborhood, and location as related to socioeconomic characteristics of the occupants. As a growing proportion of aging residents in many countries are undertaking late life moves, their preferences will have an influence on destination housing markets. We examine the characteristics, attitudes and preferences about retirement housing among immigrant retirees currently living in traditional housing in a retirement destination in Alicante, Spain. Using results from a survey of German and British retirees living in the region, we find through logistic regression that preference for retirement housing is associated with aging and gaining access to in-home support services.

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