The Factors Affecting the Market Value/Book Value and Profitability of REITs in Turkey


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Bilgehan Tekin

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International Real Estate Review



Increasing income level and the desire to live a more comfortable life in countries with an increasing population are constantly driving the demand for real estate. Real estate investment trusts (REITs) are capital market institutions that can invest in real estate, real estate-based capital market instruments, real estate projects, real estate-based rights and capital market instruments. In addition, they establish partnerships to realize specific projects, engage in other permitted activities, and are organized by the Capital Market Law in Turkey. In this study, the fixedeffects panel data regression model is used to determine the financial indicators that affect the market value and profitability of the Turkey REITs that are traded in the Borsa İstanbul REITs Index. The study covers 21 REIT companies. The data set is in the period between 2010:Q1 to 2019:Q4 in the analyses. The results show that return on assets (ROA), return on equity (ROE), asset turnover, leverage, equity multiplier and current asset turnover are effective on the market to book ratio (MBR). The ratios that affect the ROA are MBR, ROE, acid-test, leverage, equity multiplier, EBITDA/sales and current asset turnover. Moreover, the ratios that affect the ROE are the ROA, MBR, acid-test, asset turnover, leverage, and equity multiplier.


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REITs, Market to Book Value, Profitability, Panel Data Analysis, Borsa Istanbul